These fun interactive games and competitions are as much fun to watch as they are to play.  There are team events, individual events, and competitions that will have everyone working together, laughing and having a good time!

Great for company parties, team building events, family reunions and more!

Fun Services will set-up, coordinate and provide prizes for each event chosen.

Pricing: First event $150.00, each additional event $100.00. All eating events are $150.00.

  1. *TUG-O-WAR - Two teams pull the opposing ends of a heavy rope.  A flag tied to the center of the rope determines the winner.  Team wins when they "tug" the flag past a designated point, of if a ditch or stream is available, when losing team enters the water.
  2. THREE LEGGED RACE - A race with players running in pairs with a strap or "tie" tying legs together to create "3" legs.  In a relay, contestants race to end of course, remove tie, and second team ties their legs together & races to the finish.
  3. HIPPITY HOP BALL RACE - Players race up and down the course on giant Hippity Hop balls.  Can be played as a relay or as individuals.
  4. TOSS GAMES - Can be done with water balloons, eggs, etc.  Participants stand in two lines with teams facing each other.  After one person "tosses" to the other person on his team, each line takes a step backward and repeats the toss.  This continues until one person either misses the catch or until the "catcher" breaks balloon, egg, etc.
  5. *JUMBO GOLF - Player pitches for accuracy with an over sized golf ball and club.  Can be done for either distance or accuracy with use of a target.  Do in rounds or heats.  Made more difficult for finals.
  6. EATING RACES - Can be pie or watermelon.  Use a plastic bag with hole cut in the bottom to put players head through.  (Specific rules on what is required to win.)
  7. *TEAM SKI RACE - Special skis are used with room for up to five persons per pair of skis.  Teams proceed by all members moving their feet in unison.
  8. BALLOON STOMP - All participants have an inflated balloon tied to one ankle with a short string.  Object is to break other contestants balloons while keeping yours unbroken.
  9. *SQUEEZE-IT-RACE - A team of two face one another with a rubber ball (8"-12") held between their bodies, above the waist, and hands held behind their backs.  Must race the length of course without loosing the ball and must return to starting point without turning around.
  10. DIZZY RELAY - Teams of 3, 4, 5 or more race to the end of the course, spin in a circle 10 times, then race back to tag the next team member.
  11. TENNIS BALL HOP - Individual players hop their way to victory while holding onto a tennis ball with their knees.
  12. FRISBEE TOSS - Individual players hop their way to victory while holding onto a tennis ball with their knees.
  13. MUMMY WRAP - 2 member teams armed with a full roll of toilet paper attempt to create the "perfect" mummy!  Another good game to pair up parents with their kids.
  14. HARDHAT RELAY - 3 member teams try no tot spill on each other in this great relay.  Good posture and accuracy in pouring are the skills you'll need for this game.
  15. AIR CANNON - Click here for more information on this versatile event!