This show stopper is the perfect addition to your next event. Choose from any of the great options listed below!

  • CANDY SCRAMBLE - The cannon is loaded with wrapped candy and shot into the air.  The children then scramble to gather as much as they can.  This can be done once per event or several times during an event.  (One time would mean several shots in a row)
    • Single Candy Scramble                     $125.00
    • Each additional Candy Scramble      $100.00
  • STUFFED ANIMAL CATCH - Stuffed animals to be shot from the cannon, children attempt to catch them or scramble for them. (We suggest this event be divided into age groups) Priced according to number of stuffed animals used.
    • 20 animals                                          $100.00
    • 30 animals                                          $125.00
    • 40 animals                                          $175.00
    • 50 animals                                          $225.00
  • LUCKY NUMBER BLAST - Foam balls are blasted over the crowd.  Balls recovered or caught with a winning sticker win large stuffed animals or prizes from the prize center.
    • 2 winners                                            $100.00
    • 3 winners                                            $150.00
    • 4 winners                                            $200.00
  • TEAM FLY BALL COMPETITION - Teams of 5 position themselves in the playing field one team at a time.  The team that has the most players catch a ball in the air is the winning team and will receive prizes.
    • One winning team                             $125.00
  • CANNON RENTAL ONLY - Cannon rental includes 1 canister that equals approx. 20 shots.
    • Cannon Rental                                   $100.00
    • Extra canisters                                    $15.00